Monthly Vehicle Traffic via MTA Bridges and Tunnels
Overall Vehicle Traffic via MTA Bridge and Tunnels
Monthly Vehicular Traffic at Port Authority tunnels and bridges (All Crossings)
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Weekly Vehicle Traffic via MTA Bridges and Tunnels

MTA Subway Ridership Trends

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MTA Bus Ridership Trends
MTA Bus Speed
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Citi Bike Heat Map
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Citi Bike Trends to 2019
Citi Bike Trends to 2020
Corridor Travel Time
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Speed Map
Percentage of Crashes by Injury Type
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Reported Crashes
Speeding Tickets
Speeding Ticket Spatial Distribution
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Average GVW, Class 9
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QB Vehicle Hourly Speed
SIB Vehicle Hourly Speed
Average GVW, Class 6
Average Daily Truck Traffic (ADTT)
Average Daily Traffic (ADT)
MTA Metro North Railroad Ridership Trends
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MTA Long Island Rail Road Ridership Trends

MTA Access-A-Ride Ridership Trends

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Monthly Ridership for Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green Taxi Passenger Counts

Percentage Drops as Compared to Jan 2020

Yellow, Green Taxi and HVFHS Trip

Yellow and Green Taxi Trip Distance

Monthly Ridership for FHV and HVFHS

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