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Current Openings

NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Software Developer to work on faculty-led research projects on analysis of big data and new technologies in transportation and smart cities. NYU Tandon faculty and students are at the forefront of the high-tech start-up culture in New York City and have access to NYU’s Global Network University. The role offers the opportunity to own and develop novel ways to analyze, process, and visualize transportation datasets from various research projects with computational requirements.

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering is deeply committed to excellence in teaching and learning, and fosters student and faculty innovation and entrepreneurship that make a difference in the world.

The duties of the qualified candidate(s) for this position include:

  • conducting advanced research using computational tools
  • prototyping and experimenting with desktop and mobile apps for research projects
  • working with large scale databases
  • maintaining on-premises servers and cloud services
  • maintaining and developing new features to the current center’s applications
  • working with faculty and graduate students to offer IT assistance
  • participate in project tasks such as sponsor meetings and developing deliverables

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C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Associate to lead a growing portfolio of research projects being conducted at the center. This candidate will lead/oversee the successful execution of tasks and deliverables on a diverse array of innovative and collaborative projects while supporting Center faculty, staff, and student researchers. 

C2SMART works at the nexus of connected vehicles, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and other big data analytics in support of emerging technologies and their applications to solve transportation/mobility challenges. This position provides an excellent opportunity to work at the cutting edge of transportation planning and engineering research, with exposure to current and anticipated challenges transportation agencies and companies are facing in the New York-area.

Broadly, the Research Associate will lead or support the following tasks:

  • Data analysis, modeling, statistical analysis of transportation systems and travelers, particularly within New York
  • Working with partners/sponsors in transportation engineering tasks such as administering surveys, recording and collecting data, participating in field tests, and deploying and testing new equipment such as sensors, V2V/I/X communication devices, or similar
  • Lead specific tasks that require creation and calibration of simulation models, development of performance measures, and studying and understanding trends and relationships from big datasets
  • Documenting research activity and disseminating/presenting key findings and research activity to sponsors and partners via presentations, written reports, and other deliverables required


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Student Openings

C2SMART Center is seeking undergraduate and graduate student interns to support center administrative tasks and participate in faculty-led research projects on transportation and smart cities using emerging technologies on an as-needed basis. 

This position will give the candidate the opportunity to work with pre-eminent faculty conducting cutting-edge research in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) at the Tier 1 USDOT University Transportation Center based at NYU, with exposure to numerous cutting research projects on connected/autonomous vehicles, applied big data analytics, infrastructure resiliency, and more. Center projects involve the latest methods advances in Artificial Intelligence and Deep-Learning methods applied to transportation.

Description of responsibilities:

  • Assist center staff, transportation faculty, postdocs, and students with research project tasks and technology deployments.
  • Conduct literature reviews and search for new sources of information through city/state/federal technical reports, sources, and other links on new Intelligent Transportation Systems projects and technologies implemented in states/cities across the country.
  • Data input, cleaning, and analysis of large transportation datasets.
  • Design and disseminate research and center activity on the Center website and other media.
  • Assist in hosting center programming, seminars, workshops, and other events.
  • Perform administrative duties as assigned.

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C2SMART Center is seeking a Master’s student with interest to join the Blockchain team at C2SMART and help with Connected Vehicles (CVs) data. We propose to leverage the distributed Ledger technology as in permissioned Blockchain to store data from CVs enabling multiple parties to validate data before storing it on the chain thus avoiding malicious data generation by users.

Primary Responsibilities will include:

  • Develop a Blockchain based consensus algorithm along a smart contract among peers to validate data shared to be uploaded to the IPFS by Connected Vehicles with reduced communication overhead.
  • Develop a federated learning-based privacy preserving approach for Connected Vehicles to share information from its BSMs on a distributed ledger that is statistically useful for further analysis.
  • Perform simulations using the cyber-physical testbed developed by C2SMART Center at NYU to validate the proposed approach using synthetic CV BSM data generated by SUMO, a traffic simulator and NS-3, a network simulator.
  • Preparing manuscript for a journal paper to be submitted to Elsevier Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies.

The Center is looking to add a video editor and graphic designer to work in support of the Center’s research projects, events, and communications. The position is responsible for storyboarding, editing, and publishing video content; assisting in creating promotional and outreach materials, both digital and print; photo, graphic, and written content editing; and assisting in developing and maintaining website content.

Description of responsibilities

Photo, Video and Graphics (75%):

  • Storyboard, film, edit and post event & publicity videos for C2SMART
  • Edit and post webinars and seminars to C2SMART YouTube channel
  • Edit and format photos and videos for social media and the website
  • Create infographics, gifs, animations and graphics for social media and the website

Editing, Website, and Social Media (25%):

  • Assist in planning, writing and managing e-blasts and e-newsletters.
  • Draft news updates, event announcements, and page copy for the C2SMART website.
  • Draft and organize social media content to promote C2SMART blogs, videos and media coverage on Twitter, LinkedIn, and in Mailchimp.
  • Design event/program fliers, graphics and other marketing material.

Workload may vary from week-to-week based on demand for graphic materials, though we will be flexible around your schedule, constrained by our deadlines. Candidates should submit a portfolio of visual work and a writing sample along with their application.

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