Ryan Delorenzo

Student Researcher

Currently Ryan is a sophomore working towards earning a bachelor’s degree in the Computer Science major at Rutgers Camden. Prior to college enrollment he attended the Atlantic County Institute of Technology under the Engineering, Math and Sciences academy that gave experience when working with higher level projects. During his attendance at Rutgers he has managed to be a part of the Honors college and maintain an internship position that has the responsibility of planning the logistics/modifying certain algorithms regarding the ambitious CIRCLES project. After earning his computer science degree he plans to pursue a career in development of digital entertainment or be able to work in a position that allows him to hone his programming skills.

Current C2SMART Projects:

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls Overview ADAS and autonomous vehicles allow new control paradigms in traffic management. As the time horizon for driverless cars technology shifted forward in the future, collaborative driving and communication open new possibilities in the next 5-10y to realize control policies aimed at increasing safety, reducing congestion, and dissipate…

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