Maryam Hosseini

Student Researcher

Maryam Hosseini is a Ph.D. candidate in the Urban Systems program at Rutgers University and a research associate at NYU VIDA lab. Standing on the intersection of urban planning, urban economics and computer science, her research aims at addressing the existing gaps between the real needs of planners and researchers and the urban analysis tools currently being developed.

Her main research interests are pedestrian mobility infrastructure and planning, assessing the impact of the built environment on walkability and accessibility of public spaces, and human-focused design of cities using computer vision techniques, spatial analysis, and agent-based modeling.

Current C2SMART Projects:

Exploring AI-based Video Segmentation and Saliency Computation to Optimize Imagery-acquisition From Moving Vehicles

This is custom heading element Overview Mobile sensing has offered efficient, cost-effective data collection procedures that opened new research frontiers, specifically in urban sensing and transportation. In the past, due to highly costly and time-consuming data collection procedures, a limited number of urban indicators were measured and made available to researchers. Hence, our understanding of…

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