Abhinav Bhattacharyya Wins Transportation Camp NYC 2020 Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Abhinav Bhattacharyya for winning the Transportation Camp NYC 2020 Graduate Scholarship at TransportationCamp, an unconference designed to gather and share transportation ideas with a diverse gathering of fellow enthusiasts. The scholarship award, sponsored and presented by Sam Schwartz and VHB, recognizes students passionate about studying transportation engineering, and their insights on how the transportation industry could address the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. You can read Abhinav’s entry here.

Abhinav Bhattacharyya is a doctoral candidate and researcher at NYU’s C2SMART Research Center. His work focuses on transportation safety, pertaining to new technologies that have come up in the last decade. His interests also lie in survey methods, and how they can be leveraged in combination with other data sources, to inform better transport policy decisions. Previously, Abhinav completed an MS in transportation engineering at the University of California, Berkeley where he worked on developing behavioral models in order to intervene on people’s decision-making when it came to travel modes.

Abhinav Bhattacharyya

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