Undergraduate Summer Research Program Presentations

Tomorrow, August 7th, 2020 marks the last day of the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (UGSRP), on which 8 students will present their research posters via Zoom from around 10am to 12pm. Each presentation will be 10-minutes with 5-minutes of Q&A at the end (questions typed into Zoom chat.) After the research presentations, there will be a breakout poster session (12pm to 1:30pm) via a Google Photo Album, in which participants and other attendees can view each other’s work and leave/reply to comments.

Each summer, members of the Tandon School of Engineering faculty open up their labs to allow NYU Tandon, NYU Dual Degree Program in Engineering (CAS/Tandon), NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and select non-NYU rising sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students to complete 10 weeks of hands-on research. Students work in the labs with their faculty mentors and other mentors on various research topics while also participating in seminars presented by distinguished administrative and academic personnel. In addition, research presentations and poster sessions are held in which students have the opportunity to present their research to peoples of all disciplines and backgrounds. At the end of the program, abstracts of the research are published and presented to incoming students during Undergraduate Orientation.

The following students, mentored by C2SMART researchers during the UGSRP, will be presenting their work.


11:15am: Zev Nicolai-Scanio on “Coordinated Intersection Control for AutonomousVehicles”  Under Professor Li Jin

11:30am: Michelle Ren on “Feasibility of Alternative Shuttle Service During Subway Suspension Under Covid-19 Pandemic” Under Professor Joseph Chow

Poster Sessions:

Deep Learning-Based Object Detection For Pedestrians, Vehicles and Cyclists Density Approximation and Social Distancing (Omar Hammami, Murat Ledin Barlas, Kaan Ozbay)

Bike Count Forecast Model with Multimodal Network Connectivity Measures (Divya Bade, Bingqing Liu, Joseph Chow)

Coordinated Intersection Control for Autonomous Vehicles (Zev Nicolao-Scanio, Li Jin)

Cyber-Physical Security Analysis of Public Transit Systems (Dorothy Ng, Qian Xie, Li Jin)

Deep Learning for Soft Robots (Nhi Pham, Xianhui Zhu, Ruoyu Wang, Chen Feng)

Feasibility of Alternative Shuttle Service During Subway Suspension Under Covid-19 Pandemic (Michelle Ren, Gyugeun Yoon, Joseph Chow)

Image-based Place Recognition in Urban Areas (Chaerin Lim, Yuxiang Chai, Dean Sheng, Meihui Jin, Ruoyu Wang, Yanfei Xue, Chen Feng)

Mobile Robots for 3D Printing (Mohammed Adib Oumer, Chen Feng)

Modeling City Level Demand Patterns for Micro-transit Operations Planning (Harpreet Kaur, Srushti Rath, Joseph Chow)

Physics-based Simulation with Mobile Robotics for Collective Additive Manufacturing (Uljad Berdica, Yuewei Fu, Chen Feng)

Point Cloud Data: Simulation Defects on Building Facades (Andy Deneris, Zhuoya Shi, Semiha Ergan)

Resilient Highway Traffic Control Under Cyber Disruptions (Ziyan An, Yu Tang, Li Jin)

Simulating Facade Surface Defects Using Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Synthesis (Andrew Liang, Zhuoya Shi, Semiha Ergan)

Understanding Consumer Panic Buying During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Causal and Predictive Analysis (Zijie Wu, Junaid Farooq, Quanyan Zhu)

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