Sean T. McQuade

Student Researcher

Sean T. McQuade is persuading a Ph.D. in computational biology and background is in pure mathematics; he has a Bachelor’s from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He nearly finished a master’s degree in mathematics when he joined the Center for Integrative and Computational Biology (CCIB) at Rutgers Camden. He is driven to play a significant role in scientific research; this guided his decision to leave the master’s program and join the CCIB as a Ph. D. student. In the CCIB, he has gained experience using mathematical modeling techniques on metabolic networks and vehicular traffic, and he uses simulations and control theory to analyze these models.

Current C2SMART Projects:

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls Overview ADAS and autonomous vehicles allow new control paradigms in traffic management. As the time horizon for driverless cars technology shifted forward in the future, collaborative driving and communication open new possibilities in the next 5-10y to realize control policies aimed at increasing safety, reducing congestion, and dissipate…

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