Malaika Mahmood

Student Researcher

Malaika Mahmood

Malaika is a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Biology with a minor in chemistry and a concentration in mathematics. Currently she serves as President of Student Wellness Advisory Board, Vice President of Psychology Club, and Public Relations Representative for Biology Club. Along with this, she is a research assistant for the CIRCLES Project, where she is tasked with planning and organizing various scenarios related to the experiments. This wonderful opportunity has given her a chance to gain research experience first hand, and work with many different kinds of scientists. After graduation, her goal is to attend graduate school to obtain her PhD in neuroscience.

Current C2SMART Projects:

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls

Collaborative Driving, Ramp Metering and Mean-field Controls Overview ADAS and autonomous vehicles allow new control paradigms in traffic management. As the time horizon for driverless cars technology shifted forward in the future, collaborative driving and communication open new possibilities in the next 5-10y to realize control policies aimed at increasing safety, reducing congestion, and dissipate…

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